Delta Gardevoir Moveset

So I am in game and at Utira town and was wondering about something. I got a random shiny ralts with a timid nature so I ev trained it 252 speed, 252 special attack and 4 defense. Right now it knows Calm Mind, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam and double team. I’m not sure what move I should replace double team with. If anyone could help me it would be very appreciated

Get rid of double team for Dazzling Gleam or Focus Blast. It really just depends on what coverage you want.

My starter is delta venusaur and already has moonblast so i think I’ll go with focus blast

dazzling gleam or stored power
stored power attack can go up 240 at max calm mind

I ran mine with thunderbolt, ice beam, earth power (checks 3/4 weaknesses) and reflect to help with its low defense. You could also replace reflect with a fairy move for coverage/fighting weakness.