Delta Gardevoir (Analysed S2 Ep.2)

Hi guys, girls, THUNDERSTRUCK and everything in-between. Today, it is a Pokémon most of you have used at least once during their playthrough and almost as many who I recommended using a Choice Scarf with. Along with Delta Charizard, Delta Gardevoir has been one of the primairy reasons I wanted to play Insurgence in the first place and I’ve been using either it or Delta Gallade in every save file I used. No surprise it is one of the first I will cover.

Also, spolier warning. Duh.


Delta Ralts is avaliable at Route 4, midway between Metchi Town and Vipik City. Just like in Pokémon Unite, the Pokémon sucks before it reach it’s final evolution. The good point is that unlike with Delta Gallade, you don’t have to use the Exp.Share or switch-training until final form, since you are using special attacks, you can use D.Kirlia against wild Pokémon. Your next big target is Xavier, so your D.Ralts is likely to have evolved into D.Gardevoir by then. One last thing before giving a set, for those of you who don’t know, Xavier is (IMO), the hardest battle in the game when it comes to hard mode. Just go to the wiki and look at all this child abuse. What do you want me to do against a goddam Choice Band Heracross :sad:. Dammit, I had to get lucky with Double Team and an Emolga to beat it in my No Faint Challenge.

Delta Gardevoir
Ability: Clear Body/Volt Absorb 1
EVs: Don’t matter yet
Timid Nature
-Ice Beam 2
-Shock Wave
-Calm Mind
-Ice Shard / Moonblast 3

1: I mean, Volt Absorb isn’t bad if you have an electric weak Pokémon like Gyarados in your team as it gives you better switch opportunity (which is huge for D.Gardevoir), but a lot of Pokémon uses stat dropping attack in early-mid games and even latter outside from major trainer battles.
2: As I stated, you can get Ice Beam before Xavier. However, you won’t have a reliable special Ice STAB aside from Powder Snow until level 40.
3: Ice Shard might be weak, but it is your best last move at this point and help you pick weakened foes. Moonblast require an Earth Scale.

If you wait to evolve Kirlia at level 36, you can have Ice Beam before fighting Xavier. Won’t be as impactful as one would think, but still very good. Anyway, every little advantage is good against Xavier. He uses Mega Beedrill, so don’t be shy of using any weapon you have access to.

Sorry, that was a flashback form a “friend” I had for two weeks. Dammit, 10 years playing Pokémon and he didn’t even though learning type chart could maybe be useful. No wonder he had difficulty finishing even Sword and Shield.


Delta Gardevoir’s Mega Gem can be found in the Whirl Islands only after obtaining Tesseract. It means the Mega Evolution can only be accessed during late-Game. I don’t personally recommend its Mega Evolution, but you do you, I’ll give you both a regular and non-mega set. Heck, I don’t need to, they will use the exact same EV spread and moveset. The only real difference between them is Choice Scarf give crutial speed while Mega gives power and a better speed tier (though not as much as Scarf would). The original speed tier and frailty makes D.Gardevori hard to mega evolve safetly.

Delta Gardevoir @ Life Orb1
Ability: Clear Body/Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 anywhere aside from Atk
Timid Nature
-Ice Beam
-Earth Power 2

1: Choice Scarf can be obtained inside Murk Forest. Before that, Life Orb is a good item.
2: After defeating Jaern, get back to the Rezzari Cavern and an Hiker will teach you some Ground type moves.

The given moveset is only restisted by Rotom-Heat, who isn’t used by any trainer in-game. Ice and Electric makes the Bolt-Beam combo while Fairy-Ground has one of the largest super effective coverage in the game. This, notably, give you a super effecive move against any of the widely used dragon types. All are a respectable 90 BP, but Thunder and Blizzard can be used only in Rain teams or Hail teams respectively to bypass the accuracy problem.

Delta Gardevoir will be a major teammate against Audrey for obvious reasons. Earth Power, Moonblast, Thunderbolt and Ice Beam guaradtee you can hit one of her Pokémon for super effective damage aside from Ludicolo, Swampert and Alakazam. Don’t worry too much about Mega Crawdaunt. As long as you don’t switch Gardevoir directly into it, you win the 1v1 because ot will go for Superpower instead of the more logical Aqua Jet.

Delta Gardevoir should be your lead against Anastasia as Klefki doesn’t carry the air baloon and cannot paralyse Electric types. D.Gardevoir will remove a huge nuisance for you this way. Aside from that, many Pokémon carry thier own Air Baloon, so don’t mindlessly spam Earth Power.


Late-game is where D.Gardevoir gets its biggest power spike known to mankind, especially against Nyx.

Delta Gardevoir @ Choice Scarf / D.Gardevoirite 1
Ability: Clear Body/Volt Absorb
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 anywhere aside from Atk
Timid Nature
-Ice Beam
-Earth Power

1: Choice Scarf is crutial now, as D.Gardevoir’s typing and stats mean the best way to still being alive is to defeat the other Pokémon. Choice Scarf will increase its bad speed to respectable level and give it the immediate advantage against a lot of usually faster check, like Mega Flygon, Talonflame or Zenith’s Primal Groudon wheras Mega D.Gardevoir need a turn to utilise its decent base 100 speed.

Delta Gardevoir doesn’t change, only its surrounding. Now, let met tell you one thing: D.Gardevoir is officially the Nyx Anihilator. Few things changes on the set, actually. The moveset is now:

-Earth Power / Moonblast
-Shadow Ball

Let’s take another look at Nyx’s team: Aurorus, Breloom, Greninja, Garchomp, Exeggutor, Mega Kangaskhan.

Thanks to Aurorus giving you free Hail, you have the luxure of using Blizzard against her Aurorus for heavy damage. Next, Greninja. This is where I think the Choice Scarf outclasses the Mega in this fight, being able to anihilate Greninja with Blizzard first before taking a LO Ice Beam. After both are taken out, you will probably have to switch out and handle Garchomp or Mega Kangaskhan next. Having a Rough Skin + Rocky Helmet Garchomp of your own is fantasic to beat Kangaskhan with the added recoil doing wonder. The next time D.Gardevoir is sent in the battlefield, spam Thunderbolt instead as it will tear appart the remaining Garchomp, Breloom and Exeggutor. A Thunderbolt will deal between 41 and 48.1% damage to Kanga, so it need a little chip damage. Not a hard thing to come by with good enough preparation. Congrats, now you defeated Nyx using only 2-3 Pokémon while some people loose entire teams to her!

Elite 4
Against the Elite 4, it is somewhat of a seatback. You don’t have much buiseness sending D.Gardevoir against Kyla because you are smart and have a reliable Taunt user with you, Yuki has some good checks to D.Gardevoir in Mamoswine, Rotom-F, Scarf Chandelure and Mega Cryogonal. London isn’t exactly weak to Bolt-Beam outside its room. Plus, it has Conkeldurr and Scizor using powerfull priorities to dispatch of D.Gard quickly. Gardevoir’s best matchup against the E4 is Eduard who has to run in fear of Ice Beam on Hippodown, Garchomp and get it’s Aegislash and Excadrill outside Sand beaten by Earth Power. Mega Cacturne has Sucker Punch, but could be using Superpower instead. Keep it outside sand to avoir being outsped.

Aside from TTar being able to eat an Earth Power, Delta Volcarona being immortal and Delta Haxorus loosing to Thunderbolt, the rest of Reukra’s team gets cleanly OHKO by a Scarf Moonblast. Mega Flygon and Shadow Mewtwo win thier 1v1 if it’s Mega D.Gardevoir, so all the more reasosn to use that dammed scarf.


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