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Delta Gallade

So I’m not sure about how to get Delta Gallade. I’ve searched the internet to find nothing on how to get it since I already got a Delta Ralts on Route 4 I believe. I’ve beat the Pokemon League and finished the MISSINGNO and Taen Quest. Any tips on how to get D. Gallade?

Eventually, you can get a Delta Ditto capable of breeding with the Delta Ralts you got.

From the Wiki, regarding the start of the Delta Ditto quest:

I’m sorry cuz this is super late, but I kinda already leveled up my D. Ralts into D. Gardevoir. Can I breed that with the D. Ditto? I’m unfamiliar to the whole concept of breeding.

Yeah. Delta Ditto is able to breed with any Delta Pokemon (bar, I think, baby Pokemon like D. Magby or D. Budew). Just put the D. Gardevoir and D. Ditto into the Daycare in Metchi Town. After taking enough steps with both there, the woman outside the Daycare will tell you that they had an egg. Just hatch eggs until getting a male D. Ralts; at level 20, it evolves into D. Kirlia, which itself evolves into D. Gallade when exposed to a Dawn Stone.