Delta Gallade or Delta Scizor?

I have issue that has been bugging me out. Which one of my Ice-types should I pick? Delta Gallade or Delta Scizor? They are both formidable Ice-Types but only one can win out in the end. Which one should I pick? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
Hope all of you stay safe during social distancing! You got this! :+1:

D. Gallade is more balanced. Both have good offensive typing but D. Scizor is too frail and too slow. He can make a decent revenge killer, but there are others better for that job. I have seen it used with Choice Scarf or Band, (IDK which) and Drain Punch. In general D. Gallade is better. If you really want to use D. Scizor’s line tho, D. Scyther is actually better.

It depends mostly. Gallade is the better mega of the two. If you are running a hail team however, banded ice cleats pulls out ahead, but otherwise Gallade would still be better. Delta Syther is still where it’s at. Stronger than both.

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Oops, I was stupid :crazy_face: and evolved my D. Scyther. I only just got the 7th gym badge & don’t know how to get delta ditto, so I am going to use my D. Gallade (which goes mega). Thanks for the advice!

Nw, I evolved mine too.

May I suggest delta mega gardevoir? I did a solo run of the entire e4 and champ with it, it’s pretty op if you have good stats and move set.
Mine is Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Focus Blast/Sheer Cold, and Calm Mind. Calm mind is VERY IMPORTANT, Because that’s how you sweep.

A bit late but tough claws choice scarf is pretty epic with scizor, but like Armodues said scyther is better

Yeah, Cleaver is pretty sick, but I used Delta Gardevoir this run. :confused:

@Dratini_Playz Mine was male so I took that opportunity to evolve it into a Gallade. It has helped me in some key battles.

Maybe I should try breeding my Gardevoir to get a Gallade :thinking:

But I don’t have delta ditto :disappointed_relieved: :cry:

Just go grab Delta Noibat, then go to Gaia town and talk to the guy by the pond.

I still have to wipe out the Infernal Cult first.