Delta fossil pokemon

now as we all know the holon uni is having it’s last pokemon added but notice how no fossil pokemon are in the holon dex at all I speak of this because in the cardsets there was a delta omaster/kabuto/armaldo to just leave out delta fossils just seems off in a sort of way so I am asking the community here if we want o focus those last three slots on a delta fossil pokemon since it pays homage to the cards of the game, I mean I am seeing a delta legendary, delta starters/ delta everything else but fossil Pokemon I don’t see this as a hard thing to get behind just to show you that they exist I am including their card photos. Please consider what I have said thank you


Delta Fossils are a great idea. That would at up to the rooster of the Deltas that are already in the game and make the Delta hunting more interesting and longer.

I think that the fossils should be hidden all over the region. Yuo would have to use Dive/Strenght/Rock Smash often to get them.

Except deltas are hard to make and are based on the artist’s idea rather than what makes sense in game. For example there could be a delta infernape but not a delta torterra/delta empoleon if there simply isn’t good enough ideas for them/artists to make them. Of course, they could force them out like the delta starters that we already have, but the only reason those all look great is because a lot of time, effort and revisions went into them, and frankly i just want the next update to come out haha

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D-Lapras Fairy/Fire, would be awesome.

There is a delta Kabuto though:

(Idk if I’m doing this right; I’m on my phone)