Delta feraligatr and delta meganium lines

Finemanederby and I are starting on a delta starter line for the johto starters. I already made the delta typhlosion line. But we are asking you guys for suggestions and ideas. Our ideas wore to make a mechanical meganium which is elec/steel and a frozen feraligatr fossil that came back to life with type ghost /ice. Please leave a comment cause good ideas are certain to be implementeer in our sprites. Thank you!

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These are good ideas, really good but I think Meganium deserves sth cooler and what I mean is like a ghost meganium. Imagine like the friendly flower returing to life as a ghost. And with a mega it could get the /fire and become a beast. Feraigatr still remains cool though

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But feraligatr is already ghost type. Still a good idea though. But i think finemane does the meganium so he is going to deside probably.

here is the d totodile concept it is ground/ghost

Since delta typhlosion is already an electric/steel type, my idea would make the meganium line an ice/poison type since that typing hasn’t been done yet and there would be potential with its abilities in both his normal and mega evolved form like snow cloak, liquid ooze, etc.