Delta Fennekin!

Delta Fennekin Line
Type:Fennekin-Grass Braxien-Fairy\Grass Delphox-Fairy\Grass
Any Dex entries?


Delta Fennekin The Tree Sprite Pokemon

This spunky Pokemon loves the forest, and loves living in the trees. It can camouflage with it’s surroundings so well, that it’s practically invisible. It helps any wary Pokemon out of forests and such.

Delta Braixen The Tree Spirit Pokemon

This Pokemon learned to hone it’s natural abilities and use them to help other Pokemon. A few of it’s known abilities is quick plant growth, healing, and mind reading. This Pokemon is kind to anyone and everyone it sees.

Delta Delphox The Tree Sage Pokemon

This Pokemon, along with Delta Emboar (Sage - My idea, search for in the Delta Suggestion Thread, near the bottom) gives advice and sagely wisdom. It envelopes it’s natural abilities and can create a large barrier that can forest from getting damaged. “Be kind to others, and they will be kind back,” is it’s motto.

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These look really great! Great job with these three.