Delta Feebas line

Big sprites :



Delta Feebas



 Normal      Shiny     Normal      Shiny

Types :

Pokédex :

Condemned to live in the darkest places of the abyss, it uses its orbs' psychic powers and its toxic spiked tail to defend itself.

Ability : Poison Point / Liquid Ooze / (Hidden) Magic Guard

Evolves into Delta Milotic by levelling up in the city of Amphitrite while surfing

Delta Milotic

       Female                  Back


 Normal      Shiny     Normal      Shiny

        Male                  Back


 Normal      Shiny     Normal      Shiny

Types :

Pokédex :

Returned to the surface thanks to its powerful psychic powers, he's the origin of a myth about a monster living in the Amphitrite city's lake.

Ability : Poison Heal / Berserk / (Hidden) Magic Guard

Lower page note (I’ll copy this to the end of the main post of each delta artwork topic I do, to be sure everyone know) :

I know that the Pokémon Insurgence game is on a feature lock and I know this Pokémon I made won’t be added to the game. I made it for myself and just wanted to share it with you all, even if this section is a bit dead by now. Hopefully that you like my work though!

(If you want to leave some comment about it, I’d be glad!)

PS: I know there already is a Delta Milotic line in the game, all this work is for my own pleasure!



Once again you astound me with such a great delta. Also, who cares if there is already another delta milotic, there are pokemon with multiple delta pokemon, so its perfectly fine!

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Nice to read that you like it!

Btw I have no clue about what Pokémon I’ll try to make a delta next, so if you got any ideas!

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Delta Jirachi maybe? Or Delta Victini. Or just any of the pixie legendaries.

Btw the milotic looks amazing :smiley:

Maybe you could add more to the male though? I didn’t notice the differenceu ntill i looked at the back and one strip just looked longer. Either way it’s great! I love the colour scheme.

Not a fan of modifications on pixies but I’ll think about it!

And for Milo I based the difference male/female on the initial male/female Milotic difference, but actually that could be interesting to change the male/females differences on Deltas, I’ll think about it too!

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How about Skorupi and Drapion?

Mmmh I’m on it

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Can I implore this on my upcoming fan game. I will surely give credit

M’yep, since you give credit I think there is no problem I’d like to know about the game btw

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