Delta Farfetch'd

I’m not actually getting faster, Farfetch’d is just really simple. The front sprite is from scratch, everything else are sprite edits of Farfetch’d. The design isn’t very imaginative, but I thought a katana-wielding Farfetch’d would be cool. Dark/Steel, maybe?

Pokédex entry: It cuts lightning with its sword. Because it is a Delta Species, it is a different type than usual.


Lol I had this idea a couple months ago but I could never get it to look right. You did a great job! Maybe steel/fighting since he would be fighting with a sword?

Steel/Fighting would make more sense, you’re right. I initially figured Dark/Steel because the sprite has a sort of evil look to it. Wasn’t even intentional, I just couldn’t get the eyes looking how I wanted.

the pinkish look makes it look like a dark fairy or steel fairy which could be cool too

Another great sprite, good job (and yes you are getting fast with submissions :joy:)