Delta Ekans line

Ekans and Arbok are Pokemon that I personally favor, and that’s probably because it’s one of my first pokemon ever recieved. So I made deltas for them based off of the Hydrophiinae. Here is what it looks like:
Their types would be Water-Ghost Type.
They would have an unique ability called “Growing storm”, and what it would do is for each turn it is in the rain, it’s attack will increase.
Here are their Pokedex entries:
Ekans: legends say that they live in shipwrecks, haunting every inch of the sunken ship.
Arbok: when ships float near their home, the dangerous snakes will tear up the hull of the ship, possibly sinking it to make a new home.

If you enjoyed this, please like, and leave a suggestion down below on what else I can make. There’s a possibility that I could take note of those requests, and maybe update the sprites, making them better than ever! All help is appreciated.

Edit: if you need clarification of what “growing storm” does, then look in the comment section below.


how big of an attack increase for your ‘growing storm’ ability? (this could be overpowered). Otherwise I think its a splendid idea!

maybe it has to use like rain dance to activate it so its like sunny day to charzard y

or make it part of his mega evolution

Actually, your idea was originally what I had in mind! What the ability does (when I mean that, I mean when I made this delta) is that it’s attack would increase each turn spent in rain. When the rain is gone, the attack would go back to it’s original stats. If the opponent uses any move that stops the rain, the attack will go back down. Every stat change that is not caused by the rain would not be taken away, meaning that if you (for example) a move like Bulk up, then the effects that move would create will be unaffected.
Thank you for asking me what this ability actually does. This would be confusing without clarification, and I am happy to make it clear.

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