Delta Eevee

Type:Normal/Ghost(I know a deltas types must change completely but this one is more like a super delta eevee) Ability:Unjustified(Gains a stat boost to all stats when hit by a ghost,normal,dark,fighting,fairy,dragon,bug,steel,poison and psychic)
Dex: A reincarnated corpse of a dead eevee brought back to life has the powers to be immune to almost every attack imaginable

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I feel like that ability is way too good. Like WAAAAAY too good. Try making an ability that wouldnt have the pokemon either be hard to defeat, OR make all the battles super easy. Like the concept, just change that ability.

the size of the image is still too small i cant see the detail

here you go

but what for eeveelution ,just one type gosht/normal but more stronger?

Im thinking of a mega eevee

ok good job man :grinning:

thx Also the ability is meant to be overpowered

you know what delta Eevee is know a pure ghost type

I know that but since all deltas are suppose to be available at some point in the game so that ability would make all the challenges in the game way too easy, know what I mean. Try coming up with an ability that makes it strong but still possible to defeat.