Delta Eevee

I don’t really understand what the uploading of delta Eevee is so I am just going to post the Eevee.

Delta Eevee
Type: Fire/Dark
The Demon Pet Pokemon
Pokedex: A Delta Pokemon. Some sick mind thought it would be a good idea to do this…

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i like the simple concept, and i wish there was an evolution, but then i remembered that theres no way anyone is willing to make deltas for the mega AND the evolutions. It’s a shame, i was hoping for a continuation

Just keep checking around I am planning on getting all the eeveelutions out there.

yeah, but that was more for when we were still adding deltas into the delta dex. now that where not doing that anymore, it does not really matter how many people make at this point.

oh k i see

I want this It looks so cool
I want to see a shiny with like a brighter shade of red and a black mane and horns Or just a completely black body and red mane with gold horns Just some suggestions

Your suggestions will be taken into account. And thank you for liking this I am not that good at sprite work.