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Delta eevee + eeveelutions (no sprites)

delta eevee
ability: protein
the poor creature was taken its life too early, thanks to this its evolved forms turn into diffrent types of itself so it can take over a new body

delta vaporeon
ablilty: poison point/drizzle (hidden)
as delta eevee looked over what it can take over, it saw polluted waters and desided to take it over
(baised on water polusion, evolve with waterstone near any greenwater)

delta jolteon
ability: kick box
everytime it uses a physical move it boosts it atk and sp atk in 1 stage
delta eevee saw a fainted human that was a fighter, so it possed the body and became a diffrent pokemon
(honestly i had no idea what to do with this)

delta flareon
ability: blaze
(ill update the later, maybe make sprite for them in the future)