Delta Duskull line

So this is my second attempt at a cyplops pokemon. This time I used the Duskull line which is already a cyclops besides Duskull.

Delta Duskull (Grass/Ground) Ability: Plantilate(Normal-Type moves become Grass-Type moves)/Harvest (H/A) Dex Entry: Delta Duskull goes to gardens overnight and makes all plant life grow. Farmers sometimes leave stuff in the gardens for the Delta Duskull to eat as a form of gratitude.

Delta Dusclops (Grass/Ground) Ability: Plantilate/ Harvest (H/A) Dex Entry: Delta Dusclops can make a tiny sapling grow to a tall and sturdy tree in minutes. Delta Dusclops is very shy so they do it while everyone is asleep.

Delta Dusknoir (Grass/Ground) Ability: Plantilate/ Harvest (H/A) Dex Entry: Unlike Delta Dusknoir’s pre evolutions Delta Dusknoir doesn’t focus on making things grow. Delta Dusknoir fights off wild Pokemon that try to attack farms and gardens.


The ability should be renamed to ‘Druidism’ instead, tbh. It sounds better.

… Or ‘Fertilize’, if we’re going on the same pattern as ‘Normalize’ and ‘Pixillate’ (or was it ‘Pixilize’?)

Oh that makes sense I will edit it so it works better.

Really cool idea! One thing though, it seems like duskull’s eye is a bit small? Like, i would imagine the eye socket would be a bit larger. Might just be me, just finding ways to help to enhance it.

Again, really cool idea

This is really great! I agree with the Druidism thing