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Delta Dump

All righty, so I have all of these deltas that I never got around to posting for whatever reason. So here they are with a vague description.

1.) Delta Hydreigon line based off of fire hydrants. Water/Steel

2.) Delta Absol based off of a parka. Ice

3.) Delta Combee Line. Based off of an ice chandelier. Ice/Steel

4.) Delta Cinccino line. Based off of bushes. Grass

5.) Delta Clef line. Sleepy psychic spoon clef line. Fairy/Psychic

6.) Delta Flygon/Mega. Not really finished, but whatever. Grass/Bug

7.) Delta Shuckle. As you can see, this idea was Atinverd’s. Poison/Electric

8.) Delta Toge Line. THIS BIRD IS ON FIYAHHH. Fire/Flying
That’s all the ones that I finished but never posted. Hope you like 'em! Boro Out.


Really like the Delta Combee line.

That Delta Absol is really cool looking

The first two deltas are freaking epic!

Yes, I made a delta to the mega flygon. The original was in Insurgence, but my bug/grass version was not. I’m not an idiot. Also, what others were “stolen”?

Sorry, It was a bit late to make a judgement there, that was out of line for me and too rude .n.

i love the Hydragon line

The delta Combee line is just perfect
Delta Absol is quite cool lokking and gosh I wish to snuggle everyone in the delta clef line aaaaaaaa