Delta Drifloon?

Trading Name: FarawayLorelei

Offer: Any Non-Delta Pokemon (minus Mewtwo and Jirachi) Crystal Pieces Included!

Request: Delta Drifloon/Drifblim

Further info: Mine exploded, and since you cant rebattle it… yeah, I need some help.

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would you happen to have an IV stone OuO

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I can give lvl 112 delta drifblim docile nature

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I do in fact have an IV stone! I prefer to breed for IVs (I know, it takes longer, but its more satisfying to meh), so I’d be willing to trade it for the Drifloon! If you maybe throw in a D.Bulbasaur, too?
JK JK, unless? 030

But for real, the D.Drifloon for the IV stone would be perfect!

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Sure, I do have a modest d bulba as well. Would u be willing to do another IV stone (both will have good natures)

I can do that! I have to get the second IV stone, but I can do the family heirloom quest real quick.

ah actually i have a test in an hour, would you still be around in 3hrs?

I will be, yeah. I’ll be here for likely another ten hours, so whenever you can, well set up the trade!

ah thats great, thanks man

I’ll lyk when im available again :))

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ah dang my friends called me after the exam sry xD

finally got them ready tho. If these are good, lmk when ur ready :)):

Those are perfect. I’m here now if you’re ready?

ahh just finished a freakin 3 hr zoom

im good for now if youre still around xD

trade names hulaunicorns, lmk when ur online:))

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Ikr. Zooms suck the living daylights out of me. Once I did one that lasted up to 5 hrs.

Im here, im here! xD gosh, i wish there was an easier way to do this :stuck_out_tongue:


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sure, gimme a sec to get ready

Me just having no buisness but being here for the fun of it. XD

ok, im online! my trade name is my username here. whats yours?

Don’t think I am being rude. It is just that nothing interesting is happening around here.

ah yeim online, and its hulaunicorns