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Delta Drifloon for completion please?

Trading Name: Mirby

Offer: I don’t have much but I’ll do what I can

Request: Delta Drifloon

Further info: It used explosion and I accidentally hit my quicksave button right after so it was gone and I want it for completion D:

If you have a delta phantump or delta trevenant I would gladly trade it to you. My hidden grotto for them specifically got bugged for some reason.

Yeah sounds good. Let me just hatch an egg of one (since I posted this I’ve gotten Delta Ditto lol)

@Laogon09 okay i have it hatched and am ready right now if you are.

@Mirby Hope you see this, they won’t let me type any more on my first day lol, but it’s ready!

Cool. Just tag me when you’re ready, my trading name is Mirby just as it is here. @Laogon09

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