Delta Ditto

Hello, people!
First, I’d like to say that I love the Deltas, but their Natures and IV’s are so hard to be good… We have to get them, see those things and, if they are bad, we have to try again.
Well, we have a problem here that Deltas can’t breed, even with Ditto… But what if we had a Delta Ditto! I know, a lot of people talk about Delta Ditto, but I got an idea for it and its backstory.
Ditto was accidentally created while Team Rocket tried to clone Mew… TR was trying to create de strongest pokémon of all times… This doesn’t sound familiar? Sure! Reukra creates the Delta Ditto trying to clone Mew into a Delta! (We will not discuss here a Delta Mew or Delta Mewtwo) So, we have this Delta Ditto with a digital appearence, but what about its moves? And ability? Ability is easy, something like Imposter… Or Delta Imposter! With this ability, Ditto would transform into the opponent, but with some differences… Its only move would be Delta Transform, with the same effect of Delta Imposter. “But what is the difference you’re talking about?” Well, I don’t know if it is possible, but Delta Ditto’s moves after the transformation would be a litte bit buggy. The types of the moves would not be the same. Delta Ditto trasforming into a Charizard with Flamethrower would have the same Flamethrower, but with a different type that would change in every battle. It could be Fire, but also Bug, or Ice, Psychic… It would be unpredictable.
Again, I don’t know if it is even possible, but I like the idea of this Ditto.
Also, this Delta Ditto would be able to breed with Delta Pokémon, allowing us to have good Deltas.

edit: Delta Ditto type would be Dark/Psychic


nice idea. shame this looks too much like a recolor tho. im not sure if you would be able to breed deltas in 1.2 or not

Love the idea. However, i am pretty sure that something that deltas are suppose to be hard to get or one time encounters. You arent suppose to have a team of delta venasaurs or something. So I would think scratching that part would work.

About the recolor thing, maybe adding some acid or something being released from the delta ditto would work.

i can see delta ditto looking something like that but thinner and maybe glitch steam coming out of it

Yes you could breed them and it might ruin the rarity but just have it at the end of the game a delta daycare. I dont have any fancy back story for why they could breed there but it would be a cool way to work it

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Why not Normal/Ghost? That would be cool. Or, just pure Steel.

The whole breeding deltas seems a bit broken to me, as players will just mass produce them, but i do like the idea of delta ditto.

yea but people can just reset and make new accounts and get multiple deltas of the same kind in the same save through trading