Delta ditto trade [HELP!]

Trading Name: floydnaman

Offer: near perfect 6IV ditto

Request: delta ditto

Further info: Ancient tower quest isn’t cut out for me


What you get^^. Someone please help. I am available for trade anytime in the next 2 days

That is not a good deal, u can only get one Delta ditto per save file, so, people usually trade Delta dittos for other Delta dittos

You can always restore to your previous save file I guess?

Of course what I trade is redundant in that case…

That is illegal and can get u trade banned @finkployd

Ah ok hopefully someone who doesn’t need one can help :wink:

Did you read all the notes at ancient tower? If not the D. Ditt quest won’t happen

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Haven’t been able to cross those brittle ledges. Been trying for days now… :frowning:

use bike and hold your breath lmao

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Yeah mate, no luck

I could let you borrow mine and I’ll borrow yours.

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What region are you?

Us because I live there

Nvm guys, I got hold of one. Thanks everyone!

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