Delta Ditto Quest

I went to the Ancient Tower, read all the notes, collected the Delta Noivern egg and visited the Day Care Centre. Then I did it all a second time (except getting the egg) and went back to the Day Care. Delta Ditto still isn’t there. What did I do wrong? Or is the game broken?

You must talk to the scientist in Gaea Town.

Considering the massive gap between the time where you can go to the Ancient Tower and the time where you reach Gaea Town, I don’t have to do the tower quest part all over again, do I? Because I’ve already done it three times in the hopes of getting Delta Ditto and it was infuriating. Plus a level 30 Delta Ditto near the end of the main game?

Nope. You only do it once. Plus it’s level doesn’t really matter since it’s pretty awful in battle. It’s practically for breeding only.

Why does Delta Ditto have Protean anyway? It can’t use it, but they even have sprites for the different types programmed into the game, or at least shown on the Insurgence Wiki.

Somehow the fact that Delta Ditto can’t actually change its forms because it doesn’t have any moves to abuse Protean with completely slipped our minds until it was too late.

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It slipped the minds of everyone involved in developing the game? How many of you are there?

Can i just say this is infuriating? i spent legit two hours trying to figure out what i had to do for the delta ditto quest, i come here, and find out its post game only? There is no mention in any of the Wiki’s about the delta Ditto quest being post game only, plus i couldn’t find a walkthrough for the quest (i’m not saying there isn’t one, just that there isn’t one on the wiki page)

First of all, please refrain from reviving old threads, as it’s annoying to the others involved.

Second, if you search “delta ditto” on the wiki, Gaea town (which is only accessible postgame) does come up. For next time, usually if I cant find something, I just search for it and it comes up.

Third, thank you for bringing this to my attention. I have added a note about this to the ancient tower and metchi town page.