Delta Ditto location?

So i´m looking for delta ditto but can´t find it I know it’s in metchi town, but don´t know where.

It is in Metchi town, but only accessible after you gotten the delta Noibat egg and talked to the scientist at Gaea town.

Oh ok, thanks

I already had a delta noivern and when I talk to the scientist, he basically say’s I should dive in Selene city. And I can’t find the ditto

You have to climb up the tower again and read the scattered notes lying about inside.

I did go up again but i didn’t read all of the notes, thanks!

does it matter if I already hatched the egg?

No, the egg itself is actually useless for this quest. You have to have read the notes on the way to the egg though.

Where is the scientist at Gaea Town?

He’s in the lower part of the city sitting on a bench

next to the Eevee’s woman or something like that?

Yep :joy:

do the delta noiverns disappear from the top of the Ancient Tower?

Which is the original species? EDIT: Ditto was haha

Ok, so what is the delta pokemon needed for the scientist? i have no idea i have tried everything obvious idk WTH I PUT DITTO BEFORE AND IT DIDNT TAKE IT UGH

How does Delta Ditto change types?