Delta Diancie

Updated! Now it looks pretty good


Delta Diancie

Type: Fire/Rock - Magmatic Ore Pokemon

Ability: Magma Armor / Combustion (causes all Normal-type moves used by the Pokémon to become Fire-type and receive a 30% power boost.) (Hidden)

This pokemon lives deep underground. Its body is made of lava, but when it appears on the surface, part of its lava solidifies. When all of it’s lava body will become an ore, it will die.

There is also it’s mega verison and Delta Diancite



Mega Delta Diancie

Type: Fire/Ground - Magmatic Ore Pokemon

Ability: Desolate Land



I love the idea of it! However, there are some flaws with the sprite. First off the majority of the sprite looks like online pictures copy pasted to replace Diancie parts, and looks VERY awkward. Secondly, there is little to no shading on the parts of the sprite, which really hinders the overall quality, it’d be great if you could get those fixed :slightly_smiling_face:

Fixed! :slight_smile:

But now it looks different