Delta Deoxys

Fire/Electric type Deoxys!


Am I wrong in seeing Flash (as in the DC superhero) references from this?

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Rofl, just noticed it myself

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Its cool, but maybe a bit too copyrighted. Not in the “They might get in trouble” sort of way but in the “It looks so much like the flash it is distracting”

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I can see the electric type in it, but the only thing that would make it a fire type is the red part of it, which doesn’t really make sense, since it doesn’t have a fiery texture to it.

I made this version a bit later, with your concern in mind. Not sure it’s much of an improvement, but meh:

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Yeah, it definitely looks a bit more like a fire-electric type.

have you thought making him different forms?

Imma workin’ on it!

i saw that also XD

I gotta tell ya, all I was thinking about was just putting a lightning bolt on his chest. I didn’t even notice the Flash resemblance until Oth pointed it out xP