Delta Delibird

Here’s my first Delta, hope you like it !

Delta Delibird - The Burglar Pokemon (The dollar on the bag is entirely optional, I just put it cause I thought it was funny, but I can remove it :stuck_out_tongue: )

Dark Type - Pickpocket / Frisk / Technician (HA) Level-up learnset : Thief, Night Slash, Beat Up, Foul Play, Feint Attack, Switcheroo, Taunt, Knock Off, Quick Attack, Parting Shot, Sand Attack, Sucker Punch, Double Team, U-Turn, Pay Day

Dex Entry : Once upon a time, during a particularly harsh winter, a Delibird tribe was forced to steal from others to survive. They took a liking to it and decided to become a clan of thieves. Ever since, they live hidden in the moutains, robbing bypassers of their food and valuables.

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A few things. The body seems a little plain, and the difference between bandana and body is very hard to see. The dollar sign does not look like a dollar sign, didn’t realize it was one until you said it.

Looks pretty neat, I guess it’s a…shadypengquinn :sunglasses: