Delta Deerling Line



Ability:Dark Aura/Flash Fire

Dex entry:This pokemon was found only in the Kanto region.(Believed to be genetic experiments by Team Rocket)Later,Unova,Alola and Torren region’s Pokemon trainers started catching them and taking them home.Now,it is extinct in Kanto. Changes eye colour according to move’s typing.

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I like the idea, but i feel you could do some more to the bodies, maybe make it look more like a ghost maybe? Mostly because the bodies look like they were only recolored.

I’ll try

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where should i edit?

Well, I think you should start with the fur floof and such, either give it a spectral look or something psychic oriented.

Then the horns should be altered as well so it has a more unique feel to it.

then just add some things here and there, alter the hoofs, change the eyes, or add some designs to the body itself.

Its 11:00 here so I will do it tomorrow

Alrighty, have a good night!

I really like the idea but you need to make the sprite have its own how do i say… look. look at other deltas they have a unique look and some of them could really be their own pokemon. for instance you could maybe go for a prehistoric deer look for it to go with the extinct vibe :slight_smile: all in all its a great idea for a delta and a cool concept.

bones possibly? liwk everything is bones and then it’s held together with a blue aura. idk just giving an idea

I don’t understand how the blue aura works…:thinking::thinking:

OR I could do a futuristic one…hmmmm…But I WANT to keep it simple

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that right there looks amazing you are on the right track keep it up :DDD

THX :yum::yum::yum:

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Wow that does look really cool and more unique! Keep up the good work!

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