Delta Darmanitan

Standard form:Electric. Charge mode:Steel/Electric
Dex: An attempt to give the electric powers of raichu onto other Pokemon. in order to survive it needed cybernetic upgrades to contain the amount of energy it releases through its static shocks.In charge mode this Pokemon builds up static charges by moving small follicles of fur in its steel shell


Nice! Looks great!

thank you

theres too many steel/elec good pokemon types. The drawing is really really good don’t get me wrong ill still use it if it entered the game! Keep up the work :slight_smile:

i Know there are a lot of those types but i tried to underplay it

Do you think it would count for the holon dex delta submission

The holon delta dex is closed but they are still taking suggestions for deltas to be put into the game, for example a delta turtwig from here is going into the game