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Delta Claydoll Line

Delta Baltoy, Bug type, Abilities: Compound Eyes, Tinted lens(H/A)
Pokedex: This odd bug appears to have inhabited the body of a Baltoy. It communicates with others of its kind by waving it’s wings in odd patterns.
1Delta%20Baltoy 1Delta%20Baltoy_S
Delta Claydoll, Bug type, Abilities: Compound Eyes, Tinted Lens(H/A)
Pokedex: It carries a large cluster of eggs within it’s hollow body. It’s head is actually a collection of several Delta Baltoy.
2Delta%20Claydoll 2Delta%20Claydoll_S


That is SPOOKY! I LOVE IT! This design is awesome. If it were ingame, I’d definitely have it on my team.

That is an amazing desing and everything about it is cool.