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Delta Claydoll Line

Delta Baltoy, Bug type, Abilities: Compound Eyes, Tinted lens(H/A)
Pokedex: This odd bug appears to have inhabited the body of a Baltoy. It communicates with others of its kind by waving it’s wings in odd patterns.
1Delta%20Baltoy 1Delta%20Baltoy_S
Delta Claydoll, Bug type, Abilities: Compound Eyes, Tinted Lens(H/A)
Pokedex: It carries a large cluster of eggs within it’s hollow body. It’s head is actually a collection of several Delta Baltoy.
2Delta%20Claydoll 2Delta%20Claydoll_S


That is SPOOKY! I LOVE IT! This design is awesome. If it were ingame, I’d definitely have it on my team.

That is an amazing desing and everything about it is cool.

Wow, this is really well designed.