Delta Clamperl turns into normal Huntail

Please help. I did everything that I thought I had to do. I did the following:

  • Got Delta Clamperl
  • Got Deep sea tooth as well as Deep sea scale
  • Went to the black market with the right conditions
  • Talked to the nice lady with the magical powder
    and then the Clamperl was not special no more.

I don’t know what’s causing this, like is there a bug with the code? or possibly it’s because I had an old version of the game when I got the Delta Clamperl? What?

Please help. I want to get rid of one of these Deep Sea items to get a new pokemon. :frowning:

Delta Clamperl evolves using the Dragon Scale (Delta Gorebyss) and Dragon Fang (Delta Huntail). The evolution into normal forms is a bug, but the correct evolutions should still work.