Delta Chinchou

Trading Name: UHashmi

Offer: Anything but shinies and legendaries.

Request: Delta Chinchou

Further info: The hidden grotto I needed to get Delta Chinchou is broken, so I need a Delta Chinchou.

you happen to have an IV stone?


sry realized i didnt actually have any bred, hows this?

It’s fine, no need for good natures or perfect IV’s, but yes, that will work! When are you on?

sure, Im atually online now. trade name is hulaunicorns, and just stick the stone on a trashmon :))

I’m ready

thansk sm! sorry its in an egg btw, but i promise its the same mon

i just SRed to hatch it naturally instead of paying for the egg hatcher lol

Thank you :slight_smile:

It’s alright, I can pay for the egg hatcher!

ayy yeah great :)) thanks again, and hope it helps ya out :))

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