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Delta Cherubi line


Cherubi and it’s evolutions are cute, so I just had to make them a bit more edgy. Because why not!
Their typing would be steel fire type.
Cherrim’s exclusive ability is called Ticking Bullet:
When in battle, it will randomly turn into it’s day form, giving 40 damage to the opponent. If switched out, it will turn back to it’s night form after 5 turns.

Pokedex entries:
Cherubi: This pokemon is a BB-gun bullet that was shot with full potential. That being said, it smokes constantly from being shot so hard.
Cherrim: The BB-gun bullet was then crushed up and mixed into another bullet’s gunpowder. However, because of the constant smoking, it will burst at random.

If you have suggestions, please leave them down below. all is appreciated! there’s a possibility of me even taking in your suggestions and updating this delta!