Delta Charmeleon evolution bug

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and I need some help.
I’m donwloaded the lastest version of Pokémon Insurgence a week ago and my game crashes everytime my Delta Charmeleon achieves the 36lv., when it should evolve.

Here is the message I get when it happens:

Does anyone know what should I do?


I tried to evolve him in another place and yet, I’ve got a new crash message:

have you tried redownloading the game? I’ve heard it’s a common fix for stuff like this

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did you try evolving it in the wild btw welcome to the community

No. I didn’t. Will I lose my saved file if I do that? ):

Yeah! Tried both battling against trainer and in the wild.

Thanks :blush:

you know the thing you click when you start the game delete that. (you wont lose your save files as long as you dont delete a file named save files) now redownload the game and place the thing you click when you start the game where it used to be. hope it works


It worked! (:

I was so excited to play that I tried redownloading (aware that I could potencially lose my saved file).


yay! im glad it worked! if you need more help feel free to ask anybody

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