Delta Charmander Line

I realized that this looks like a Cubone and Charmander Line fusion. Please give feedback on how I could set it apart.

Delta Charmander (Dark/Ground) Ability:Dry Skin/ Huge Power (H/A) Dex Entry: Delta Charmander hides in sandpits during droughts. It is very shy.

Delta Charmeleon (Dark/Ground) Ability:Dry Skin/ Huge Power (H/A) Dex Entry:Delta Charmeleon is very agile so he can run away from predators with ease.

Delta Charizard (Dark/Ground) Ability: Dry Skin/ Huge Power (H/A) Dex Entry: Delta Charizard runs through the desert at a lightning fast speed. He can catch weaker pokemon without them noticing,

Edit: I have edited all the sprites with this new version. I put a photo of the mega in the comments. That is not how it will look at the end.

I hate to break it to you but delta Charmander already exists

I know that but the devs says it’s ok as long as it is different typing.

oh alright Its cool. I like the design!

Thanks :smiley: I was worried that people would not like it since it looks like Marowak.

I think 1 way you could differentiate it from the Cubone line is by not using the cubone line in the sprite. For the love of god, if you want it to look unique, you have to make it uniquely. Don’t just make fusions and sell them as a delta. That’d be lame. Imagine if you saw a Cascoon with a duskull hood marketed as a new “delta cascoon”. It’d be stupid. So try to look up some guides on how to make textures and shapes so that you can make your own original skull sprite. And if you need it, I’m sure the discord chat would be more than willing to help.

Ok thanks for the help. I am trying harder with the Mega Delta Charizard to make it look more unique and different.

I will remake the Delta soon when I have more time.

What do you think of the mega?

Mega Delta Charizard (Dark/Ground) Ability: Huge Power

I remade the Deltas.

The sprite itself still has that uncanny resemblance to the Marowak line- because you used parts from its sprites, of course. And while it’s advertised as a Dark/Ground type… I’m not really getting the Dark type vibe from it, even though it has the horns. Maybe try for a black or dark gray base color, with the sand still dripping off?

The Mega, while it does look to be mostly custom, just doesn’t give me that Pokemon feel that other sprites would. It seems… rushed. I think it’s mostly the color of the outlines in certain areas, the shading, and the line designs on the skeletal parts of the body. The line designs look a bit thick, while normally in sprites, instead of blocking over with up-and-over directional strokes, they connect with more diagonal 1-pixel lines.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the help. I also want to say that the skull head isn’t a Cubone head. I made the skull from scratch while using the Cubone skull kinda like a muse.

The skull is kinda inspired by a cow skull.

The main reason the sprites aren’t the best quality is because I use Microsoft paint. Today I got Asesprite. Which I hope can improve the way I make Deltas.

change the name to delta charmander (cubonebreed)


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