Delta Caterpie line

Well I made a thing… I feel kind of proud of it? I don’t know. It is kind of based off of the Weedle line, but not really.

Delta Caterpie
The Poison Pokemon
Pokedex: A Caterpie infused wit poison… not really anything else.

Delta Metapod
The Lame Recolor Pokemon
Type: Poison
Pokedex: I will change this sprite if someone can tell me what to do.

Delta Butterfree
The Fake Bug Pokemon
Type: Poison
Pokedex: It always wanted to be as beautiful as it’s not delta counterpart, so it made wings of poison.

Well I made a thing, so if you like it say you like it, and if you didn’t tell me what to change. Peace

I kinda think that butterfree and caterpie look way to similar to weedle. I don’t have any ideas for metapod though. As for butterfree, I think it’s sludge wings should be a light purple, taking inspiration from the original butterfree with an explanation that revolves on Muk or Grimer. Maybe you can also decorate it with trash to substitute as a wing pattern.

That is actually a really good idea! Thank you! I am not used to getting comments on what I should fix… I will get started right away!

Delta Butterfree
The Fake Bug Pokemon
Type: Poison/Flying
Pokedex: In an attempt to make itself as beautiful, it made wings out of the same liquid Grimer and Muk excrete. It decorates its wings with trash as an attempt to create a design.

Alright, I think it looks more presentable. The shading could be lighter and it still looks similar to weedle, but I think it’s starting to get somewhere.