Delta Cacnea Line (w.i.p.)

I found this forum page after I was trying to see if there were any new deltas being added soon and got inspired to try and make my own delta. So here we go. At this time I have Delta Cacnea and Delta Cacturne made and I’ll make Mega Delta Cacturne whenever I get around to it.

Delta Cacnea is a pure Ice typeStats are: (HP: 55) (Attack: 40) (Defense: 75) (Sp. Attack: 70) (Sp. Defense: 55) (Speed: 30) (Overall: 325)

I’d love some suggestions for the crown I have no idea what to change it to.

My Delta Cacturne is an Ice/Steel type
Its Stats are:
(HP: 95)
(Attack: 65)
(Sp. Attack: 100)
(Sp. Defense: 100)
(Speed: 40)
(Overall: 530)

I’m not sure if I’ll change Mega Delta Caturnes type at all.
I hope you guys like my first attempt at a delta/re-sprite I tried. I’m open for constructive criticism and suggestions. (Updated Delta Cacnea and Delta Cacturnes sprites.)

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the colors kind of clash with each other

I like the idea you have here, except that it has two 4x weaknessess (Fire and Fighting).

I don’t get the red dot coming out the back of his head, is that an antenna, maybe you should make it a bit more noticable as for what it is supposed to be?

I would also change up the outline of the hat, as it doesn’t fit in with the other parts of his body.

The red dot is supposed to be an antenna.

I was trying to make a typing that hasn’t been used before to make it more original I guess.

What do you recommend for the hat outline? The same colors I used for the bodies outline?

Is this better? (also had something I wanted to remove on its foot)

I’d like to give it a more Ice/Steel Type feel but I’m not sure what to do.

Look at some other Ice types to make the Ice typing more present in the desing. The ice parts on his body are very plane at this moment and do not show any kind of shadow/effect. As for D.Cacnea, you shouldn’t use the black outline and I would change up the crown for something.

I like the choice of colors, but It needs more design elements to give it a more unique appearance overall. Maybe change some of the ice to steel knives or ninja stars? Change the hat shape a liitle maybe. Thats just my thought.

I’ve kind of lost all my ideas for this Delta. I’d like to finish it but I have no idea what to do or where to put new designs… I replaced some of the ice spikes with knives and made the ice a little more icy (I hope). so here is what I have I have 2 versions of D. Cacnea I’m not sure what to use yet

Well I got some inspiration (not much). I decided to change D. Cacturnes mouth. It didn’t look good enough to me (mainly I don’t think you could see it too well) I added some more spikes and changed the design on its chest (its supposed to be a ninja star/metal snowflake). So here is version idk.0