Delta Bulbasaur

Trading Name: nebkreb

Offer: Any breedable delta, but really anything breedable - I already beat the Elite4 and completed the quests (I think I did all of them!) so let me know what you need!

Request: Delta Bulbasaur

Further info: Need that last starter!

Give me a few minutes and I can breed one for you. What all Delta’s do you have?

Most of them - I still don’t have Relic Song so I don’t have any that require that. But I have the other two starters. Let me know which one you need and I can breed one for you.

I have the mon. I won’t be home for another 7 1/2 hours. So if you get one by then, lemme know. Also, can you breed me a Deino? That’s one I’d like.

I won’t be home until after 5 EST, which is in approximately 8 hours. I will check to see if I have a deino - delta or normal?

Preferrably Delta. If not, mind showing what you do have? I am home by the way, so when you’re ready.

Okay, I caught Delta Deino. I have to level it up 10 levels to evolve it before I can breed it. Let’s plan for tomorrow? I am home by 530 PM EST tomorrow and can do it after then. (18 hours from now).

I’m usually home about 5pm EST Monday to Thursday and 12:30 on Friday.

So 5:30 today. I can be on for that. Though I’ll trade you the Delta Saur from my old file and you can trade whatever to it and then put the deino on my current file.

Sound like a plan?

Sure. I put the delta Deino in the daycare last night. Some quick biking will get the egg and I’ll hatch it. So I’ll trade a random mon for your delta bulb and then trade the deino to your other save?

I am home and ready when you are.

Okay I’m home - give me like 10 minutes to breed and hatch the egg. Lots of biking!

Alright, let me know when you’re ready.

Egg was bred, now I’m hatching it. What is your name in the game? I’m nebkreb

TmcJagger for the egg.

Lunar_Moon for the Deino

Ok, let’s do the delta bulb first then ill continue biking to hatch the deino

Okay, on your go.

ok logging in now. Do it

i’m all set go for it

Great. Give me a few minutes to hatch the deino then it’s yours

Alright, just let me know when.