Delta Bulbasaur and Delta Squritle

Trading Name: Sphinx

Offer: Random Pokemon

Request: Delta Bulbasaur and Delta Squritle

Further info:Just make a new savefile and give them to me can do the same if u want me to or if u have breedject Mega stones for them will be appreciated if not thats ok

Hey man, I would be more than happy to make new files and give you them, could you do the same? I also need bulbasaur and squirtle? no mega stones though unfortunately, nor do I expect them in return, just hit me up on here if you haven’t already sorted it, thanks in advance… TherapistJohn EDIT: If you REALLY want the mega stones, I’ll play through to whatshisface and get them, but would like them in return because it’s a little bit of a pain, thats up to you though

Ya thank u im on now just say when ur back on and we can trade

@GoldenBolt65 Why did you recreate this thread when I already offered you these 3 days ago?



I don’t suppose you’re still about, if not I’ll be on pretty much all day today, so will keep an eye out,

Edit:I only need Squirtle now, and mega stones aren’t needed either


found out how to get the other mega stones in game from a certain trader and how to get an extra starter, hence needing only Squirtle

If you want I can give you a Squirtle. I have an extra.


Sure thing man :smiley: You on now? The names TherapistJohn What you want for it?

It’s fine, you don’t have to give me anything, I’m a breeder. Also if you want the Megastone I can attach it to the Squirtle since


I’m already at that point in the game where I can buy starter megastones.

Anyways, trade name’s IcePrime.

sorry, toilet trip, you ready?

Yep I am

Thankyou so much man!

You didn’t say whether or not you wanted a megastone and I didn’t have time to buy one so I didn’t attach it. But hope you enjoy the D. Squirtle!

Also, Goldenbolt, my offer is still standing so do tell me when you're online?

Nahhh it’s cool, I can buy one, thankyou again :smiley: I probably wont use him, but I’m a dex filling nerd :stuck_out_tongue:

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ya sorry didnt mean to repost the thing

Ya im still looking for both

I will be online in 10 hours for 6 hours. Will you be online then?

ya just send a message when ur on

I’m here. Tell me when you’re on.

Edit from 6 hours later: Well, you weren’t here for the entire 6 - 7 hours I’m online for. If you couldn’t make it during the agreed time (which was not even a specific time it was a period of 6 hours) at least inform me. Don’t make me wait in front of my computer for 7 hours for nothing.

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