Delta Box!

Trading Name:



  • D. Snorunt (Female) (Lv. 50)
  • D. Froslass (Lv. 65)
  • D. Roserade (Lv. 71)
  • D. Liepard (Lv. 66)
  • D. Luxray (Lv. 67)
  • D. Muk (Lv. 58)
  • D. Weezing (Lv. 50)
  • D. Scraggy (Any Lv.)
  • D. Scrafty (Any Lv.)
  • D. Combee (Any Lv.)
  • D. Vespiquen (Any Lv.)
  • D. Sunkern (Any Lv.)
  • D. Sunflora (Any Lv.)

Breeded Pokemon with Egg Moves (and 5+ IVs) or Breeded Pokemon with specific Hidden Power.

Further info:
None of those Deltas are Synchronized for any particular nature. I can get you Delta Scraggy / Scrafty / Sunkern / Sunflora / Combee / Vespiqueen with your desired nature though.

I can breed you an HP Fire Bulbasaur.

Do you want its nature to be Bold, Calm, Modest?

A Bold Bulbasaur would be great. What do you want in return?

I’m available to trade right now, and uhm. I dunno what to take, just give me your worst junk cause I don’t really need anything else right now

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