Delta Blaziken Learnset

Edit: Turning this into a suggestions thread. It would be great if this got Swords Dance.

What moves can Delta Blaziken learn? The Wiki page on it is blank. Which good Flying and Psychic moves does it get, setup moves (like Swords Dance or Nasty Plot), and any coverage to hit Steels?

For physical Delta Blaziken it can learn Brave Bird and Zen Headbutt. It can’t learn Swords Dance and Nasty Plot. You can teach it Hone Claws, Calm Mind and Cosmic Power(Its level move if i remember correctly). It can learn Superpower for its Ice, Rock, Dark weakness including Steel Types. For Electric Type it can learn Earthquake.

lmao tanked by Skarmory

Lol. Mixed Attacker, can learn Flamethrower and Fireblast. Can also learn Fire Punch on Physical so it can’t wall it

It doesn’t tank Fire Blast but it does tank Fire Punch considering it’s non STAB and Skarmory has base 140 Defense

That’s a real letdown tbh, not getting SD or NP. Does it get Acrobatics? If so then Hone Claws (or Bulk Up, if it gets it), Acrobatics, Earthquake, and Fire Punch is an alright set.

it gets gale wings yee

Yeah, that’s why I made this thread. I saw that it had Gale Wings and was really hoping for SD + good Flying stab but nope.

Hone Claws should be fine for now.

you should change this to a suggestions section thread, now that you know it doesn’t learn sd and you think that it should

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I have trained mine earlier and It knows brave bird, stored power, zen headbutt and power gem. No tutor, No other kind of gimmick. All of the above are in his movepool and he learns them by level 69 :wink:

I honestly think Earthquake, Psychic, Clam mind, and aerobatics are the best as it is what I run mine with.

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