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Delta Blastoise (Analysed S2 Ep4)

Hi guys, girls, shiny bowser and everything in-between!

Now, the second of the four starters, Delta Blastoise. While I never tried Mega Eevee, I can assure it is the worst of the three Delta starters. Sure, it has amazing wallbreaking capabilities against slower Pokémon with STAB + Mega Launcher boosted Aura Sphere and Dark Pulse but only has nice bulk and a strong Vaccum Wave against more offensive teams you will be facing all the time in your adventure. In my hard mode playthrough with the thing, I ended up replacing it right when I got Tesseract for Mega Delta Gallade instead. After Sonata City, it kinda just… fell off. But is it the case for Normal mode? Let’s find out!


Not gonna do that whole story again. I do recommend a Modest one.

So, you decided to pick the Dark/Fighting type. You have a nice advantage so far. Aside from fairy types, not many of Pokémon resist both Fighting and Dark. Good coverage right from the start, but that will fall off a little eventually. A good thing is that the first fighting STAB you learn is Vaccum Wave, a move you will be using for your whole playthrough and what you will probably be spamming most of the time. Good against Orion in general. You will also learn Dark Pulse right on time for Xavier. That is one of it’s strenght, Delta Blastoise’s line has the advantage of learning key moves rather quickly. Without further waiting, first set.

Ability: Shadow Call
EVs: Don’t matter yet
Modest Nature
-Vaccum Wave
-Dark Pulse
-Aura Sphere
-Knock Off 1

1: Until you get to level 53 and get Nasty Plot, you don’t have much options here. Knock Off remove leftovers and other items, but has no uses outside of it.


thing much to say, pretty straight forward.


After you get the Mega Stone, now your starter can deal actual damages. You pretty much don’t want to use it against East, maybe aside from some dragons. Then again, it’s just spamming Vaccum Wave.

Blastoise-Delta @ D.Blastoisite
Ability: Shadow Call
EVs: 60 Hp / 252 SpA / 192 Spe
Modest Nature
-Vaccum Wave
-Dark Pulse
-Aura Sphere
-Nasty Plot

The given EV spread allows to always outspeed opposing Adamant Metagross and OHKO before they strike first, witht the leftovers EVs going in Hp.

  • At the Utira Librairy, battle Damian. He doesn’t have a fairy type aside from D.Venusaur and struggle to deal with strong Dark/Fighting types in general.
  • The oracle is an absolute piece of cake.
  • Audrey 1 is a bit more tricky. Her offensive team has a tendency to overwhelm D.Blastoise. This is a pattern you will see often.
  • As Harmony carry more Fairy than Normal, it will obviously be a struggle. Mega Miltank won’t stand a chance, but aside from that and the manageable Cinccino hax, Mega Delta Blastoise won’t be good here.
  • D.Blastoise have an harder time with Audrey 2. Alakasam is a prey, but only if you survive a Focus Blast.
  • If you keep Blastoise away from Klefki and be careful with its HP, you will get through and leave a significant mark for your team.
  • Taen 2 will be a good one, especially if you manage to setup a Nasty Plot. However, for that, you will need to tank/avoid Grumpig’s Focus Blast.

Blastoise-Delta @ D.Blastoisite
Ability: Shadow Call
EVs: 228 Hp / 252 SpA / 24 Spe
Modest Nature
-Vaccum Wave
-Dark Pulse
-Aura Sphere
-Nasty Plot

At some point, like after Damian, I would suggest you change the EV spread for something bulkyer, but with no less than 24 Speed EV to outspeed Eduard’s Tyranitar, at least in theory. The speed EV with 31 IVs put D.Blastoise at 198 speed at level 100, where the standart TTar spread put it at 197. However, the standart spread is 156 Spe, so anything above that would mean it outspeed Mega D.Blastoise. This is something to test out.

  • Zenith 1 is anoying because it’s Blaziken has a Focus Sash. However, once it’s sash is broken, then it’s a matter of Vaccum Wave. You easily destroy Magcargo and Excadrill afterward. You can take a hit from Volcarona, so Dark Pulse it to death.
  • Percephone is where you really enjoy having that starter.
  • For Diana, you destroy half of her team. However, the other half is really problematic. Gardevoir double resist Vaccum Wave and OHKO you with Moonblast, Gengard has Focus Blast and Chandelure can do massive damage with Overheat. The ladder two have fighting innunity too. Gothitelle get pounded by Dark Pulse and barely does a thing to you.
  • You can beat Taen’s Metagross at Dragon Ruin and dig a big hole in the opposing team. Vaccum Wave or Dark Pulse the rest of the opposition.
  • D.Blastoise deal with Calreath’s Heliolisk and Kabutops. You can probably use Politoad as a setup fodder and break Dragonite’s Multiscale with Vaccum Wave. It, kinda, neutralise it’s Weakness Policy.
  • The last Taen fight is difficult. You have an entry point on D.Darmanitan and you defeat Kyurem. You defeat Poliwarth, but you cannot setup on it.
  • Zenith 2 probably in the same as Taen. You beat Excadrill, Heatran and Mega Blaziken, but might have some trouble otherwise.
  • Persephone 2: Alakasam can really mess with Focus Blast while Gengar has Dazzling Gleam. I guess she learned her lesson.
  • Damian could be an a**hole with Low Kick, air slash and Moonblast.
  • Boy, you use Nasty Plot one ance Adam is even more of a joke than Percephone 1.
  • It is back to the sideline for Jaern! Party is over!


Not gona lie, aside from Breloom and Exeggutor, it’s an impossible matchup.

Elite 4

You have a much better time here. Eduard is really easy here. You setup Nasty Plot as Hippowdon use Stealth Rock. Just when it realyse it’s mistake, use Dark Pulse. The team is just at prey of Vaccum Wave, Dark Pulse and Aura Sphere. Remember, TTar can be Aura Sphere as it is slower.

Yuki’s team is harder to deal with. Delta Trevenant is very annoying as it can use your starter as a setup fodder. Chanelure is easier to deal with than in other fight because it carry the Choice Scarf instead of Choice Specs and can be locked on a weaker Shadow Ball. Starmie will deal big damage too. Cryogonal cannot be OHKO, you will preferably need a Nasty Plot to deal enough damages with Vaccum Wave.¸

Delta Blastoise doesn’t have Taunt , Phaze nor Clear Smog. Useless against Kayla.

London can be taken advantage of with Dark Pulse and Aura Sphere on Jellycent, Scizor and Marowak. Togekiss dominate D.Blastoise while Conkeldurr and Reuniclus can deal massive damage with their respective Fighting type moves.