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Delta beldum (ruin)


Trading Name: tommyhuggins



Further info:I really want to use a delta metagross ruin during my play through of the game as it would fit well with my team. But you cant get one until the post game so would love if someone would be able to give me one. Many thanks


I should be able to get you one anytime today actually just tell me any specifics you need moves, natures, EV’s & IV’s even if you want it shiny I can get it


That would be fantastic thank you. Dont really need any spesific Evs and such just want one for my playthrough :slight_smile:


My username is Only90’sKids tell me when you are ready


Im ready now and my username is tommyhuggins.


Are the O and K in your name capitalised?


Yes they are


Okay. Let me know when you’re online


I’m online right now


Its saying you’re not. Do you want to try my username instead?


Ok i’ll try that


Thank you so much


No problem pleasure doing business with you


what will you give?

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