Delta Beedrill

Weedle: Type: Dark, Abillity: water veil,suction cups(H/A)

Pokedex: while under water, by using the antennae at the top of it’s head, it latches onto fish pokemon. It then siphons blood with its tail and stores it in the pouch below its head.

Kakuna: Type: Dark, Abilities: Shield dust, Sap sipper(H/A)

Pokedex: It feeds on the blood it collected as a weedle and is dormant until evolution. However, the needle on its tail is still dangerous to bush up against, as it is very sharp.

Beedrill: Type: Dark/Steel, Abilities: Shield dust, Sap sipper(H/A)

Pokedex: Contrary to common thought, the needle at the end of this pokemon’s abdomen is not used for collecting blood. It is used for distributing toxin to other pokemon in order to slow them down. It then drains blood with the two needles on its forelegs.
Mega Beedrill: Type: Dark/Steel, Ability: Bloodlet

(Bloodlet: After using a physical attack, this pokemon will recover 10% of the damage dealt)


These are really cool!

This actually gets under my skin, it’s so good! If they’re still expanding the Delta dex, This pokemon had my full support!!

These Deltas probably are now my favourites! :joy: The colour scheme is great and I really like the Bloodlet ability! Maybe make it 20-30% instead. The Pokedex entries are great and my favourite is the Beedrill one. This is amazing! These have to be in the game.