Delta Beasts (Entei Raikou and Suicune)

Delta Entei:
Ground type, Abilities: Sand Rush, Sand Force(H/A)
Pokedex: It is said to have been born when a statue was chipped down in an intense sandstorm. While sand flows endlessly from its body, the sand disappears after a while, casting doubt on its whereabouts.

Delta Raikou:
Ice type, Abilities: Ice Body, Sheer Force(H/A)
Pokedex: It is said this pokemon rules over snowy mountains in intense hail. Its bones are made of a thick ice, and it covers them in snow to prevent any melting.

Delta Suicune:
Steel type, Abilities: White Smoke, Magic Bounce(H/A)
Pokedex: Created in the distant past, this pokemon sprays steam in all directions, confusing those who have ever seen it. Attempts to capture and reverse engineer it have all ended in failure.


This is so cool :star_struck:

Cool,but I think Ice Body would work better as Raikou’s primary ability.

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dude im getting mega houndoom vibes from delta suicune

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