Delta Baton Pass Teambuilding

The full list of Deltas able to learn Baton Pass is:

  • Delta Maractus
  • Delta Emolga
  • Delta Scyther/Scizor
  • Delta Froslass
  • Delta Plusle
  • Delta Minun
  • Delta Gorebyss
  • Delta Huntail
  • Delta Drifblim
  • Delta Dodrio
  • Delta Blaziken
  • Delta Girafarig
  • Delta Ambipom
  • Delta Mawile
  • Delta Medicham
  • Delta Lopunny

The potential mega evos are:

  • D. Lopunny
  • D. Medicham
  • D. Froslass
  • D. Mawile
  • D. Girafarig
  • D. Scizor

Right off the bat, the least useful mega is probably D. Scizor. Adaptability doesn’t contribute anything to the team. Intimidate from Delta Girafarig helps set vs more physically offensive mons, Magic Guard on D. Froslass completely walls Chansey, D. Mawile can trap certain mons in, etc. D. Mawile lost all its infamous attack boosts however. In addition, there are no speed boost users, so this doesn’t help D. Scizor. You probably won’t run any of the Scizor line as it’s too frail or too slow.

So I would run D. Maractus right off the bat due to it’s access to Shift Gear, one of the best boosting moves in the game. Essentially Dragon Dance but with an extra speed boost. This thing is a special attacker, which is sad, cuz it has some neat priority in Bullet Punch and Mach Punch. Sadly, even on Baton Pass, 86 Base Attack won’t cut it most of the time. I’ll put 2 sets, the other nice thing about this mon is its great coverage in Overheat, Thunderbolt/Discharge, and Energy Ball. It also has nice physical options in the aforementioned priority and Knock Off, Meteor Mash, Thunder/Ice Punch, Zen Headbutt, and Pursuit. Some problems are its defenses of base 67 and base speed of 60.


D. Maractus @ Leftovers
Ability: Clear Body/Motor Drive/Trace
EVs: 252 HP, 4 SpA, 252 Spe
Timid Nature

  • Baton Pass
  • Shift Gear
  • Calm Mind/Thunder Wave/Overheat/Energy Ball/Discharge
  • Flash Cannon

D. Maractus @ Leftovers
Ability: Clear Body/Motor Drive/Trace
EVs: 252 HP, 4 Atk, 252 Spe
Jolly Nature

  • Baton Pass
  • Shift Gear
  • Thunder Wave/Mach Punch
  • Meteor Mash/Knock Off

Next thing I noticed is that Delta Dodrio isn’t going to be very helpful for this team, anything it can do, D. Blaziken can do better, the main advantage it has is Hypnosis, which is rather unreliable. Even Future Sight, which can help force your opponent into certain plays, D. Blaziken does better. D. Ambipom doesn’t have great boosting moves, so nope to that. Again, similar problem with D. Drifblim, outclassed by D. Emolga and D. Plusle in almost every way. Stockpile seems appealing as you can pass and it will keep the defense boosts but not the Stockpile counters, but then you realize it has the defenses of a Snom. The main advantage to the clone twins is Quiver Dance, and for Flying Pikachu, it’s Nasty Plot and Will-O-Wisp. That, and the totally not broken Blaze Boost. Imagine this thing with some defense boosts…

About that, Defenses are the next requirement. Delta Blaziken can run a potent special set with Baton Pass, Future Sight, Air Slash, and Cosmic Power, or a more classic set with SD, Brave Bird and Roost spam. The Clamperl evos get Coil and Shell Smash, so that’s another offensive boost. The main problem here is lack of defense, and all the pokemon are frail. This makes me think that trapping with D. Mawile or Intimidate with D. Girafarig may be useful. D. Girafarig has access to Iron Defense and Intimidate. D. Mawile has a higher base defense, but both have a subpar defense of 95. D. Girafarig has a better typing, but Mawile has Ingrain and Taunt, with STAB Knock Off, SD and CM. I would think D. Mawile is probably more useful.


May I have credit for this list, Jojo too?

I would also think that D. Gorebyss is better than D. Huntail due to it’s better support moveset. And the Fairy typing. And no, I actually went through every Delta and used Ctrl-F to search every Delta for Baton Pass.

Little sus, but okay…

Hey remember anger point? Every single serene grace or super luck mon gets walled

Anger point is so situational, it is not even funny.

Like Justified.

Yeah but it can be really good.

Crits destroy baron pass and anger point rewards you for getting hit by one

True, I have seen some Krookidile Wicked Blow strats, although it is very risky bidness.

@Piazziami861 That’s why it took me so long. Teambuilding is pretty natural to me. And Anger Point isn’t great on D. Girafarig. It’s OK, but Intimidate is better overall.

I know but I can just imagine an angry poisonous giraffe running through the streets of New York

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But baton pass. Get iron defenses up and wait for a crit with a focus sash. Then baton pass

EQ is everywhere, U-Turn to an extent, but Mawile is useful for trapping Bulky Waters for D. Blaziken and D. Emolga. We don’t really have any bulky mons of our own other than D. Gorebyss. I think the team so far will have Maractus, Blaziken, Girafarig, M. Mawile, and Gorebyss.

That’s why I said sash

I get destroyed by delta plustles all the time

Not worth it though.

My main problem is being forced to run some bulk on mons that are usually frail. I really wish I had a bulky water. That and low SpD, Defense isn’t too much of a problem. That’s why Cosmic Power and Future Sight/Stored Power Blaziken could be useful.

Does blaze boost activate on status moves because in that case, it might be worth using d.emolga as a manual sun setter.

Should test that, not sure, I think the wiki says attacking Fire moves though.