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Delta aron

Trading Name: Giorno4

Offer : whatever you want from my other save file holding an iv stone and if you’re gonna help in retrading i am going to make it hold an iv stone you can take it as a thanks

Request: delta aron

Further info: if you have any breedject delta aron please help
i need delta aron early ingame for my third play through because it’s drought if you have a delta aron with no
drought also give to me i have ability capsule

Edit: Also i have delta aron in my other save file but i can’t self trade to the other save file so if i can trade it to you then you retrade it i will be really grateful

I can trade

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Thanks you do have delta aron or retrade it from my other save file

Mine is level 1. I can give you this one or we can retrade yours if you’ve done some work on it, whichever you prefer.

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Ok anything i will take the level 1 delta aron
Are you ok with me giving a random pokemon an iv stone and send it to you or you want a specific pokemon

I can give you two iv stones if you uploaded your base i will leave it in the gifts but i can’t do the specific pokemon sadly

Send a random pokemon with an iv stone. Where are u from btw, i’m looking for a non EU Delta Ditto.

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One iv stone is enough

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i still didn’t get my ditto as soon as i do i am going to contact you but now let’s trade

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Give me one minute

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Before we start is it a careful aron

I am ok with anything but just asking


Ok no prop lets start

The one gived you hold An iv stone right

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