Delta Arcanine

Type:Ghost/Fairy Ability: Squeeze through (Allows one to get through protect and substitutes)
Dex: A horrible experiment gave birth to this creature of pure ghostly power, it has the ability to fire sharp fur needles, ghostly flames and phase through doors

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Looks great but I dont thin it should be fairy type. I think pure ghost would fit better.

The idea is it is still a pure soul and still alive Its like between heaven and earth. sort of like its clinging to life from beyond its experimented corpse

Well then how about add something to show the fairy typing. Good work anyway!

thats what the purple coloring suppose to represent

Also nothing about mimickyu screams a fairy type or a ghost type (honestly I thought it should be a fairy dark type

also how does a delta liepard look like a fairy ghost type

I thought the purple was for ghost type, cause I cant think of how that represents fairy… But, just because other pokemon dont scream fairy, it doesnt mean yours shouldnt either. I mean, dont you think that it would be a good idea to have the fairy explainable from the design?

Plus, I never said that you were being stupid for making it a fairy type or that if a pokemon has a type, it is manditory for it to be obvious when looking at the design. It was a suggestion. If you want to keep it the way it is right now, then you do that! I like it either way. Nice work!

Also, since Mimikyu is a Pokemon wearing a disguise, we dont really know what it looks like so it actually gets an exception in terms of the not looking like its type concept.

ok fine being honest i just wanted it to have the fairy typing and i tried to work it into the design

Like I said that is okay. It is a great delta for one of my favorite pokemon. Keep up the great work!

Thanks I run on this support