Delta Arcanine

I recently found out about this guy during my Delta hunting escapade. Mine’s Jolly (would Adamant be better?), with Swords Dance, Extremespeed, Dragon Claw, Earthquake.

Will probably end up slapping a life orb on it. However, I can’t decide between Intimidate and Multiscale. Thoughts?

It’ll just be in-game, right? If so, just be certain that you’re keeping it at 100% to keep multiscale active and it’ll be better.

Adamant is definitely better than Jolly. Multiscale is definitely better than Intimidate. Run Lum Berry or Silk Scarf over Life Orb to preserve Multiscale. It also doesn’t really need Dragon Claw if you have Earthquake as coverage. Replace it with Fire Blast to hit airborne Steel types.