Delta Aipom/Ambipom Info Needed

Hi there, I just caught the delta Aipom in Suntouched city, but I can’t find any info on its evolved form on he wiki page. It also says Aipom cannot learn any TMs. Is this accurate or is the page out of date? It lists how it evolves (by learning “Double Hit”), but I would like more info on Ambipom before dedicating the effort to train and add to my team. Thanks, -JP

It evolves just as regular Aipom. It learns Double Hit at level 32. Also it can learn TM’s but which ones I don’t know.

Alright. Is there a page that lists more info since the wiki page is blank? I’ve found some from a few years ago, but they were pitching ideas rather than listing current stats/moves.

As far as I know they are currently updating wiki veeeeeeery slowly.

If you want to know base stats then check for original pokemon because deltas have the same.