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Delta Aggron Moveset

I have an idea for a D. Aggron moveset what do you think?
Ability: Heavy Metal
Heat Crash
Iron Defense
Heavy Slam
I don’t know

Seems fine but lacks coverage or priority.

Priority isnt really something D. Aggron does well and type coverage is a problem when its biggest weakness are water and ground, my best chance is to use my custom move

I guess, what about cm type water!?

water type custom move doesnt help deal with water types or fighting types so cm grass is the best option

CM Grass is your best option, though you might want to remove Iron Defense for something, I’ll look tomorrow as im about to sleep. Then you can Band it.

maybe banded
heat crash
knock off
cm grass
heavy slam

I’d go for:
Heat Crash
CM Grass
Heavy Slam
Knock Off

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great minds think alike

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i didn’t even see we posted the same set lol

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Delta Aggron is so slow, he probably won’t have much time to use its given coverage. Instead of covering its weakness, try to add something where he can hit as much as Pokémon for supper effective damages. Insist more on its Wallbreaker weak to offense side.