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Delta Aggron Missing in battle sim?


Any reason why?


The battle sim has not been updated to 1.2 yet, and as such any content beyond 1.1.8 has not been included.


Does anyone know when 1.2 will come out on the battle sim? Some of my favorite deltas, like torterra, haxorus, and blaziken arent on there yet!


DO i need to download something


No, that’s where the community can update the battle sim to include 1.2. pokemon, it’s a tedious process.


I dont mean to be rude, but how long until it gets updated, I really want to do it for some strategies who use deltas only in 1.2


If you’d check the link I posted above you’d see the open source code of it. Anyone is free to help contribute to it.


I’d love to help ya, but I don’t think its possible without windows. My only windows PC is at my cabin up north.


I wont be back at my cabin until next vacation


Lol this is just updating the code so deuk can update the host. As long as you have Mac, Windows, or Linux you can work on it


I wont be back at the cabin, where my only windows pc is located. I have to finish up school