Delta Aggron line

Here is my Idea for a new delta Aggron line. Please let me now your thoughts and suggestions
Type Bug/Ground
Ability: Compound Eyes
Special ability: Speed Boost
Ideally it would be a faster version of the Aggron line, with a slightly higher attack and a substantial decrease in defense.
NOTE: I don’t know why, but any time I resized Aggron it didn’t work, even when I keep the ratio lock on, it would come out unproportional. please let me know if there is a fix. otherwise he will remain tiny forever.
Delta%20aron%20120 Delta%20aron%20240

Shinies and backsprites on the way


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Start by adding a selective outline to each. I would also recommend you make the shading on the blue a bit more obvious, as the shades are all very similar, and hard to tell apart. Also, you should get rid of the pillow shading on aron’s front sprite.

Awesome, thanks for the feedback and the advice! I will get started on the revisions as soon as possible!